I’ve decided to take up the challenge launched by Marc Taro Holmes and Liz Steel to sketch 100 people next week, Monday to Friday BUT I’ll be on the road so…. it will be tricky trying to squeeze this in between some travel sketching and some quality time with monsieur. I will just do my best and see what happens! I will need to make choices… and I will be reminding myself to choose what brings me joy.

Last Sunday I practised at a play reading, thinking this would be the perfect setting with the cast perched in front of me for 90 minutes. I sat off to the side and quietly sketched in  ink — no pencil, which was a bit scary and I really botched the first person! After, I had time to add some colour with my water brush, did a few head sketches and put it all away.

At the end of the play their manager and photographer came rushing up to me and I had a moment of panic, wondering if I’d offended them but no — they were eager to see what I’d produced because they’d been watching from across the room. They were thrilled and insisted on showing the players what I’d done. One of the players thought I’d been busy taking notes — they were so impressed by my little sketch even though I kept saying, ‘but I’m just a beginner, it’s only for practice, really, I goofed up here and there…’ Still, they gleefully snapped pictures of my work. As embarrassed as I was that they saw my work, I was also thrilled to see their pleasure.

Their play, Refuge, is going to be wonderful — at the Firehall Arts Centre starting March 18. It’s a very moving and timely piece about the plight of immigrants seeking refuge in Canada and based on the story of a child soldier from Eritrea.





4 thoughts on “#OneWeek100People2017

  1. Wow Lisa, these are amazing so difficult to do portraits to begin with, without doing them surreptitiously while watching a play! Fun to get feedback from your subjects too!


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